Planes are loaded with people, clothes, food, and a bunch of
other things that manifest germs.

Here are six places of breeding grounds for germs on

Water:  Airplane water has been under the
microscope by the EPA for the past six years for E.Coli. Back in 2004, samples
of said water tested positive for E.Coli. Though the condition has improved you
can avoid any risk of infection by purchasing a bottle of water after you pass
the security point.

Seat Pocket: The
seat pocket is a high risk for cold and influenza A, B, and C viruses. Germs
can last for up to 48 hours so picking up those brochures or flight magazines
might prove costly in the end.

Tray-table:  The tray-table is great place to pick up
our little friend, MRSA, a deadly superbug. An estimated 20k Americans have
passed due to the bug. In 2007, tray-tables were examined from three major airlines
and an estimated 60% tested positive for the insect.

Airplane Meals:  Listeria, which causes gastrointestinal
illness and meningitis, can be found in the meals.  However your risk of contracting it is very

Airplane Pillows and
Germs like Aspergillus niger, which cause pneumonia and
infections can be find in these items that are suppose to take your stress
away. A 2007 report by the Wall Street Journal indicated that airlines clean
their blankets every five to 30 days.

Airplane Bathroom:  E. coli or fecal bacteria run rampant through
the facility. It’s got a lot of users and not everyone practices good hygiene.  Enter with caution, especially that handle!


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  1. lola

    Awesome article. I am always cautious when I travel. Planes are pretty gross.


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