Europe to pass a human-rights travel bill


Should taking a vacation be a human right? If the European Union has it their way, it will will soon enough. That's because European Union commissioner Antonio Tajani is heading up a new bill that would help subsidized vacations or "holidays" for certain residents.


Mr. Tajani recently told a group of ministers in Madrid at the European Union Stakeholders Conference, "Travelling for tourism today is a right. The way we spend our holidays is a formidable indicator of our quality of life."


The way it was explained by Tajani is that taxpayers would cover some of the bill for others to enjoy time away from work. Travelers between the ages of 18-25, seniors, disabled and families suffering from social, financial or personal issues would be entitled to the funds. 


So how much would the EU and taxpayers fork over for other people's pleasure? Sajani suggested 30% of the cost to cover some of the tours, which range from discounted vacations to Madrid. It is being done to not only provide people with a much needed break, but to also give others a cultural appreciation and to educate others about different parts of Europe. 


Of course not everybody is for this new idea. Open Europe's Mats Persson lashed out against the plan by saying, "The commission is literally considering paying people to go on
holiday. In this economic climate, it's
astonishing that the EU wants to bribe people with cheap holidays." 


So what do you think of Mr. Sajani's human-rights travel idea? He believes it will add European pride to residents, but others see it as bad time to tax people that are already suffering from the global recession. Share your thoughts on this unique travel initiative.


Source: Times Online

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  1. Yolanda

    Heck NO!!!! Personally, I love to travel, and have been fortunate to be able to. But i worked very hard for each and every trip that I have taken! I see absolutely NO reason why travel should be a HUMAN RIGHT!? Are you kidding? Seriously, a human right? If you are going to start taxing people even heavier (have you considered that some countries already HAVE VERY HIGH TAXES?!) use it for food and housing. Not travel and leisure!

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