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Shop 'till You Drop in Portland, Flickr: wm_archiv

Pimp it Out in Portland!


There’s plenty of time to be spent in Portland, especially on a rainy day. It doesn’t mean your travel plans have to take a nosedive hit; you can always just shop ‘till you drop. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or looking for souvenirs for loved ones, there are plenty of interesting stores in the Portland area.

Say Say Boutique: Shopping is almost like an Olympic sport; women especially excel at finding the most unique threads at bargain prices. Shopping at Saysay is not only a great example of the sport, but of supporting local designers in Portland. Every unique item is a great find, from knee high socks that say Portland to a t-shirt with an octopus on it. Best of all, the owners are incredibly friendly and willing to help out with fashion finds.

Red Fox Vintage: Imagine a store that’s like stepping into your parent’s attic; this is what you’ll experience at Red Fox Vintage. This thrift shop is more than just someone’s used goods becoming someone’s treasure. You’ll find items that date back decades ago, from clothing to housewares and everything in between. Their goods also happen to be in extremely good condition, which makes this place a must shop in Portland.

Sock Dreams: Have you ever tried to look for a quirky or affordable item for a person who you just can’t figure out what to buy them? Socks are one of those quintessential items that anyone can use and can have a unique twist. Sock Dreams caters to anything and everything to the feet. (And everyone has feet as far as we know!) Find socks in every color, shape and size from girly school girl socks to rainbow toe socks. The fun is for everyone, men, kids and women of all ages.

Crafty Wonderland: You might feel inspired by all the artsy-farsty goodness you’re surrounded by in the streets of Portland. There’s no doubt about the eclectic feel of this hipster city. Get your crafty goods at Crafty Wonderland, a local arts and crafts shop. Its Etsy meets Portland with handcrafted cards, stationery and jewelry. If you happen to be a self-proclaimed artist, you can apply to sell your own goods at their store- so you can get rid of that starving artist stereotype- hooray!

Blake: There will always be the battle of the sexes; she’ll want to visit cute boutiques while he’s more of a one stop shopper. Find the best of both worlds at Blake, a chill retail store featuring men and women’s deluxe clothing. Their specialty happens to be ultra-comfy and classic jeans, in every shape and size. Their extensive collection is great for women who love to shop till they drop, and perfect for men who would like a downright good pair. Coolest item in their store? A pair of raspberry scented jeans; a treat for the eyes and nose!

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photo: wm_archiv

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