There are many fine arts to recognize in Barcelona, Spain. There is of course the love of Cava, a delicious sparkling wine enjoyed by Spaniards. There is the love of food like the famous tapas that are shared round the world in this unique culinary experience that involves sharing small portions with others. But, did you know that the Barcelona Shopping experience is one that is just as remarkable. With over 35,000 shops in the main city area, including the famous five kilometer shopping line, you just can’t go home empty handed.

El Corte Inglés: Call it Spain’s version of Macy’s; a one stop shopping mecca for those who love to spend all day shopping. With two of the largest department stores in the city center, you can’t go wrong spending your day here. This massive store can be overwhelming, but just take it one floor at a time- you’ll probably have fun enjoying the colorful displays. You’ll find the latest trends, tech toys and beauty products, which explains why locals are so well dressed, updated with technology and looking darn good while doing so.

La Roca Village Outlet Shopping: You know your shopping habit is extreme when you’re willing to go out of your way to save 60% off designer brands. Just outside of the city en route to Costa Brava is the La Roca Village Outlet Shopping. This is a Catalan style-village that emulates the old markets, but offering luxury high end items. Everything is so heavily discounted; it is worth the trip out of town. You can make a day trip out of this experience with services including a tourist office, restaurants and children’s play areas. Recognized brands include Desigual, Michael Kors and Coach. You can also find high end European and Barcelona native brands that are worth bragging about when you get back home.

Papabubble: It’s no surprise that a cosmopolitan city like Barcelona attracts many International Influences. The Australian folks at Papabubble agreed when they decided to make shop in Barcelona’s shopping district. We hate to say it, but you kind of have to see it to believe it. It’s a grown-up version of a candy store made in funny shapes and sizes. How ironic is it to buy a candy toothbrush? How about I take a bite out of your candy glasses? We think it’s a sweet place to visit, pun intended.

El Bulevard dels Antiquaris: From afar, the El Bulevard dels Antiquaris looks like an old abandoned movie theatre. Instead, it is an indoor antique mall. If you’re a fan of rare pieces, eccentric art and fine antique goods, you’ll want to visit this local spot. It is a collection of over 70 stores ranging in pieces from all around the world. Think of it as a place where Spanish grandmothers sell the collective knickknacks and art pieces they’ve joined together to make a nice buck out of it. Seriously, you’ll find a lot of interesting items, but if you look carefully, you can really find something precious.

Érase Una Vez: Women and little girls visiting Barcelona will fall in love with the name of this store. Érase Una Vez translates to Once Upon a Time. It invokes the charming idea of a fairy tale we all grew up hearing before bedtime. The boutique itself specializes in women’s clothing, exclusively evening wear that makes you feel like a Princess. The owner takes great pride in making her clients feel like the belle of the ball. Note: It is up to you to find your Prince Charming.

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