Grand Canyon is a U.S. natural wonder
Grand Canyon is just one of our seven U.S. Natural Wonders of the World



Most of us are familiar with the seven natural wonders of the worlds. But what about the natural wonders of the U.S.? We scoured the plains, waters, and mountains of the U.S. to put together the 7 U.S. natural wonders of the world.


Niagara Falls. This may be debatable for some, since Niagara Falls borders both Canada and the U.S. However, you can’t discuss natural wonders and not talk about Niagara Falls. As one of the largest and most beautiful waterfalls in the world, Niagara Falls is at the top of most people’s bucket list. While there are several good spots for viewing the falls, visitors can also choose to do a boat tour that offers an up-close view of it.


Big Sur. With so many beautiful natural landmarks in the American west, Big Sur can sometimes get overlooked. Located along one of the most beautiful stretches of highway in the U.S., Big Sur is a lengthy stretch of beautiful mountains that rise above the sea. While it takes much longer to drive the Pacific Highway when traveling between Northern and Southern California, Big Sur makes it worth your while.


Carlsbad Caverns. Located deep in the wilderness of the southwestern United States, Carlsbad Caverns represents the beauty that’s found throughout this part of America. Surrounded by the wilderness of Carlsbad Caverns National Park is the cave itself. Carlsbad Caverns features several different chambers, including the “Big Room”, which is nearly 4,000 feet long.


Columbia River Gorge. The Columbia River Gorge is the northwest’s version of the Grand Canyon. With miles of wilderness and river, the Columbia River Gorge is an adventure lover’s paradise. Cutting through the Cascades, the gorge rises high above the Columbia River for almost 100 miles. While some places aren’t as easy to access as others, there are plenty of accessible overlooks that make for beautiful photos.


Mammoth Cave. This is one of only a couple on this list that are in the eastern part of the United States. Mammoth Cave is easily the largest cave system in the world, twice as large as the world’s second largest cave system. While only parts of it are accessible, the cave includes 400 miles of passageways.


Grand Canyon. It should come to no surprise that the Grand Canyon is on this list. This is one natural landmark that you may want to give a long weekend to, especially since it can be such a long drive from Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and other metropolitan areas. For a unique experience of the grandiose canyon, take a train to the Grand Canyon.


Crater Lake. Crater Lake is one of the most unique landmarks in the world, steeped in history. The small lake was formed centuries ago and one of the most extraordinary lakes in the world, as it features clarity and a blue color that is unparalleled.

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