Spirit Airlines' carry-on fee idea is not sitting well with customers


Last week Spirit Airlines announced that they were going to start charging passengers $45 for carry-on luggage. Not surprisingly the travel world erupted in anger via the internet through blog posts, tweets and facebook updates.


But unlike all of the previous extra fees implemented by the airlines over the last few years this was has created a massive backlash from not just passengers but government officials.


New York Senator Charles Schumer came out swinging earlier this week against Spirit's brilliant idea and believes legislation banning airlines from charging a carry-on fee will get passed quickly through Congress and arrive on Obama's desk in no time.


How sure is Schumer that lawmakers will sign off on the bill? Well on a recent visit to MSNBC's Morning Joe program, the senator said, ""I think it will go through the Senate and the House like a hot knife through butter." Schumer added, "This is a step too far. This crosses the line."


But Chuck is not alone in the battle with Spirit as Democratic Senators Ben Cardin (Md.) and Mary Landrieu (La.) are looking to pass a bill that will try to bar all airlines from making customers pay for
carry-on luggage.


So what do you think of Spirit Airlines' attempt at making more money from passengers? They argue that the new fee will assist them in lowering airfare, but do you believe them? Let us hear your comments.


Source: USA Today

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