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Seattle Museum of Flight (CC Flickr photo credit: Benson Kua)
NASA’s training shuttle will touch down at the Museum of Flight


Although the Seattle Museum of Flight missed out on a chance to receive one of NASA’s retired space shuttles last year, the institution is due to cash in on a heck of a consolation prize this summer.


According to a report from Gadling, the museum will receive a piece of NASA history when a crucial training shuttle makes its way to Seattle sometime in May. Though it’s made mostly of plywood and has never left the ground, it could turn out to be one of the most exciting shuttle displays in the county.


That’s because unlike with the real spacecraft, space enthusiasts arriving on flights to Seattle will be able to climb aboard and sit where actual astronauts sat while preparing for missions to space.


NASA’s Full Fuselage Trainer is a full-scale mock shuttle that astronauts used during practice missions from the early 1970s through the end of the shuttle era in 2011.


Set to be delivered to the museum in pieces in May, the “shuttle” should be on display by the end of June.


CC Flickr photo credit: Benson Kua

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