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Seattle for Beginners. Photo credit: michaelrighi 
If you know nothing about the awesomeness of Seattle – you should. Take this beginner's course in Seattle and we're sure you'll be on the next cheap flight out to Seattle to explore and enjoy this awesome city as much as we do.
Get to Know Seattle by Watching Sleepless in Seattle
What better way to learn about a city than to watch a movie that takes place in it – especially if it is already a classic film worth watching? If you didn’t know, Sleepless in Seattle is based on the romantic film An Affair to Remember. Without giving away too much, we’ll say this is the story of two lovers who met by fate. This is your gateway to Seattle since film was shot in many spots in Seattle which you obviously must see for yourself!
Act Like a Local and Drink Lots of Coffee
“Keep calm and drink lots of coffee” could be the unofficial motto for Seattlites. Who doesn’t love feeling like a local when they are on vacation? Get your energy ready to explore the city by partaking in a favorite pastime of Seattle residents: drinking coffee. After all, they are home to this small place we know called Starbucks Coffee. Find any opportunity to get your cup of Joe: whether you’re trying to avoid a rain shower or fueling yourself for a day of sightseeing.
Enjoy Food Trucks
Food truck-mania has conquered America and we love it! Big cities like Miami and New York have food trucks, but Seattle takes the cake for having awesome food trucks on the West Coast. You can find food truck locators to feed your hunger during your travels. Take some notes and make sure to stop by at A Taste of Istanbul, Now Make me and Sandwich and Jerk Station for some international eats. You can even fill that coffee craving at Mocha Medic!
Don’t Miss Pike Place Market
During any kind of travels, whether for work or fun, there is always that one place you HAVE to visit. For Seattle, it is the Pike Place Market. This hip and happening spot is interesting to everyone kind of traveler. You can shop at the eclectic boutiques, graze and enjoy the people watching, or look for the special gum wall. (You have to see it for yourself.) There are too many interesting things going on here to miss out on it!
Photograph The Space Needle and Photograph from it
You’ve seen it in photographs and you’ve seen photographs taken from there, so what is your excuse not to visit the Space Needle? Have you seen this beautiful structure in real life? This UFO-like structure looks like something out of this world, yet is infamous to the Seattle skyline. (Hint: You’ve probably seen it in the Greys Anatomy logo!) It was built for the1962 World's Fair and is synonymous with Seattle. But, get to the observation deck at over 500 feet for a photographic heaven. Enjoy pointing out sights like the skyline, Olympic Mountain and more.
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Photo credit: michaelrighi 

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