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 A Look up to the Space Needle!


What comes to mind when you think of Seattle? The city may not be as buzz worthy as New York or Miami may be, but Seattle is still head-turning worthy. What visitors love most about Seattle is the appeal it has for all sorts of travelers. It may be a youthful city, but there is something for all ages. Whether you love quirky attractions or lovely views, we’re sure your time in Seattle will be one to remember.

The Must See: The Space Needle

When you hear about the Space Needle, you start to wonder if there may be extra-terrestrial life in the Seattle area. Have no fear; this major landmark is just called the Space Needle for its resemblance to a UFO-structure. You must take a trip up 600 feet to get a bird’s eye view of Seattle and its massive landscape. Get your creative shots of the skyline with the Olympic Mountain in the backdrop. Not too shabby for a structure that was only built for the 1962 World Fair!

Pike Place Market

Face it- finding a family fun activity is not always the easiest part of a vacation. When in Seattle, please the entire family with a trip to the Pike Place Market. This hip and busy spot is interesting to people watch and photograph. There’s always something to buy or look out for- Parents will enjoy the variety of fresh foods like fruits, vegetables and seafood. Young adults and teens will love the displays, signs and ambiance of the place. Meanwhile, children will enjoy the fun and business of it all, and the opportunity to find lots of fun and creative souvenirs!

Typical Seattle: Original Starbucks

You don’t have to be a coffee lover to know and understand the importance of Starbucks to Americans. Did you know that the franchise began in Seattle, in Pikes Place Market? In 1971, the soon to be international chain began roasting its famous beans for local Seattleites. It’s synonymous to Seattle culture to enjoy a warm cup of joe on a not so nice day. Who would have known these locals would change the coffee culture of America, and to even go beyond borders to International cities?

The Foodie: Curry Now Indian Cuisine

Food Truck mania has taken over the United States and Seattle is no exception. Foodies who love the uniqueness of meals on wheels will love chasing down food trucks in Seattle. Sink your teeth into intoxicating dishes at Curry Now- Indian Cuisine. There is no relationship between Seattle and Indian food, other than having the chance to try the best tasting curry in Seattle. The venue prides in being environmentally responsible- using recyclable materials and organic ingredients, which is ironically also very typically Seattle!

Off the Beaten Path: Deluxe Junk:

While tourists are trying to get through the crowds to get to the Space Needle at sunset, you’re looking for the place that isn’t in the guidebooks. Off the beaten path travelers will love Deluxe Junk. Since vintage and hipster finds seem to be “in,” you’ll find trash turned into treasure at this retro store. Even if you’re not necessarily shopping, you’ll love exploring the store’s old fashion feel.

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