Palin pours her heart out about travel problems on FOX


It is not everyday that I can write about both travel and Sarah Palin in the same story.


But this past week the former vice-presidential candidate discussed her personal travel woes with fellow Fox News Channel co-worker Bill O’Reilly.


Highlights include:


Her favorite spot to vacation is in “the middle of nowhere” at her cabin in  Petersville, Alaska. But who care about that right?


The real dirt was that Fox’s new “rogue reporter” has problems booking a hotel room when going on vacation with her family because she claims they all hate her and that guests stare.


Kind of hard time to feel bad for someone that recently inked a book deal worth millions. Maybe Palin can open up her own hotel. I can see it now, free wi-fi and shot guns for everyone!


Source: USA Today

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  1. Richard Sauerheber

    I fully disagree with giving any good deals to someone like Pailin who constantly denigrates and invents faults and libel against a sitting U.S. President. She has never apologized for any false claim made thus far, including that the President who worked for Catholic charities in Chicago was somehow some sort of inappropriate job, that he was perhaps born somewhere other than Hawaii, that he is a ‘friend of terrorists’ as though whilein the White House he might kill us all, and the latest claim, that the President’s plan to improve health care for all Americans is actually a ploy to kill old people through heinous death squads. What hotel in the world would want to give her the time of day? She now ironically claims she never actually believed that Hussein was connected to the WorldTrade Center attacks, even though for years she insisted this was true and openly bragged that her son was sent to Iraq to avenge the attracksd in NY, the same line spread by Dick Cheney. I could go on, but it is pointless when so many millions here love her and swallow evidently all her beliefs.

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