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"Yahoo! Vacancy," Flickr photo credit: Dan Spisak
This San Fran staple may be gone in December


Over the past decade, It has become a photo op for those arriving on flights to San Francisco. But Yahoo!’s beloved neon sign in the City by the Bay may soon be gone for good.


The motel-style ad has been a San Francisco staple since 1999, a remaining relic of the days of booming dot-com businesses. The neon sign proudly proclaims Yahoo! a “good place to stay on the Internet.” A marquee below allowed Yahoo! to advertise new features and “speak” to San Francisco on special occasions like holidays.


However, all that is likely to come to an end on December 1. Clear Channel, the company who rents out the ad space, has made the space available beginning December 1, 2011.


And although some outrage to the move has surfaced, it is likely too late to save this piece of Internet history.


Source: San Francisco Chronicle 

CC Flickr photo credit: Daniel Spisak

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