Trick-or-treaters can strike gold in San Francisco
Trick-or-treaters can strike gold in San Francisco


With Halloween just around the corner, kids across the country are picking out costumes and scouting houses that are most likely to give out full candy bars on the 31st.


Just 11 days before the little ghouls and goblins get all sugared up, a new survey has named San Francisco the best city in the United States when it comes to trick-or-treating.


The study, conducted by real estate data website Zillow, ranked cities based on median home value, walkability, population density, and crime. Translating into Halloween-speak: richer cities with dense populations and relatively close houses are prime grounds for trick-or-treaters.


So where else can kids find the best treats? San Francisco beat out Boston, Honolulu, Seattle, and Chicago to claim the top spot.

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