Samut Songkhram Train Market, IMG Cred; Charles Rahm

Stands Have Wheels, so They Can Be Pulled back Quickly Once the Train Comes

Imagine going to a Thai market that becomes a dangerous place eight times a day? That is the case if you visit the train market in Samut Songkhram that lies on the train tracks just before the Maeklong train station. Four trains per day pass here on their way in and out of the station. When you walk through the market it's hard to imagine, that this track is still actively used as the vendors with their goods and stalls have perfectly adapted to the situation.


Other attractions in the Samut Songkhram area Amphawa floating night market: It's open on weekends from the evening and stretches along both river sides. Most stalls are on solid ground, but there are a few vendors, that sell from their boats. Make the one hour boat tour that takes you round the area by night.

Don Hoi Lot: It's a weekend spot for Thais and is famous for its fossil shells. You can drive out to a sand bank and catch your own seafood. During my two-hour stay on Saturday I was the only Westerner.

How to get to Samut Songkhram: Use the minivan service from the Bangkok BTS station Victory Monument. Take the exit no. 2 and proceed to the place full of minivans. Just tell a ticket vendor “Samut Songkhram” and he will guide you to the right ticket booth (the writing is only in Thai). You will reach Samut Songkhram in about 1.5 hours.

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photo: Charles Rahm 

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