Same-sex couples can add Cancun to their list of places for destination weddings (Image: Fareportal Image Gallery)
Same-sex couples will be allowed to wed in Cancun


Same-sex couples looking to plan destination weddings can add one more city to their list in 2012. Cancun, Mexico is set to legalize gay marriage with the first ceremonies likely to take place this month.


Already a popular destination for LGBT travelers, Cancun is likely to see a boost in tourism with this latest development.


According to a recent report from Gadling, LGBT organizations are already working with hotels, airlines, and resorts to ensure couples arriving on flights to Cancun can take advantage of special wedding and honeymoon packages.


Cancun is not the first Mexican city to recognize same-sex marriages. The practice has been legal in Mexico City since 2009.


Image: Fareportal Image Gallery

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  1. New York Real Estate Agent

    What is amazing to me is that legalized same-sex marriage was legal in other Mexican cities previous to it being recognized in Cancun. I realize that this probably has something to do with money, and the best reason for Cancun to "jump on the bandwagon." However it seems to me that such an important social law should have been approved, and made mandatory to follow on a federal level, so as to not make a confusing situation even more so. I feel the same way about legalizing same-sex marriage in the United States, either make it legal everywhere, or illegal everywhere… in my humble opinion, this is the only national policy that would make sense.


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