New Orleans prepares for long celebration


Who Dat? Nation Plans to Celebrate All Month Long


Although the wild partying at Mardi Gras does not start until next Tuesday, the city of New Orleans was celebrating last night with their first Super bowl victory.


In a game that saw the Indianapolis Colts start off strong, the Saints came back in the end to win the big game 31-17 in one of the more memorable Super Bowls in quite some time. 


This is great news not only for football fans of the gold and black team, but for tourism as well. With the spotlight placed upon the Crescent City, local businesses like hotels and restaurants are hoping that this will give NOLA the boost it needs to bring in the much desired tourism dollars.


The city had planned for a parade this week, win or lose, and you can bet that the celebration will continue long after the ticker tape drops on Bourbon Street.


But one member of the Who Dat? Nation is making a pit stop on his road trip back to the Big Easy and that is the MVP of the Super Bowl Drew Brees. 


When asked the traditional question of where are you going? Breese said, "I am going to Disney World!" Disney's Twitter account even confirmed this already and said the QB will be making an appearance at a parade Monday at around 11:55am.


Source: Associated Press

Flickr: ~MVI~ 

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