Ryanair to charge for the loo


The chief of European discount carrier Ryanair is at it again. It appears that Michael O’ Leary’s ‘bathroom fantasies’ are finally coming true.


It’s been confirmed that Ryanair will be charging its passengers to use toilets. O’ Leary is now working with Boeing on putting pay toilets on 168 of their planes.


A Ryanair spokesman told the Daily Mail, who first covered the story that the airline is looking to reduce the toilets to one per Ryanair plane.


With roughly 200 passengers aboard each flight, this could make for one annoying and messy situation. The reduction in toilets will allow Ryanair to add six more seats per plane.


What do you think of paying to pee on a plane? Leave your comment and share your thoughts on this truly unique aviation idea.


Source: ABC News

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