Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding Dress


The Duchess of Cambridge captured the heart of her hubby Prince William – and just about everyone else.
The proof? Her incredibly popular and very public wedding is still having a ripple effect.
A definite London tourist attraction right now, since July 23rd, over 355,000 visitors have admired the Buckingham Palace and the Royal Wedding Dress exhibition. Final ticket sales are expected to reach over 11 million when the exhibit closes on October 3rd, 2011.
Proceeds will be donated to William and Kate’s wedding charity fund, and the maintenance of royal residences.
With a 20-percent increase in tourism levels at this time of year, a spokesperson for the Royal Collection said: “This year has been our highest to date. The wedding dress has proved very popular.”
Adults visiting the dress can expect to pay $24.58, while children under 17 need to fork over $14.04.
If you’re lucky enough to have booked flights to London before the exhibit closes, you should definitely check it out.

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