"St James Palace," Flickr photo credit: siegertmarc
Live like royalty during the 2012 Olympic Games


Next July, hoards of visitors will begin arriving on flights to London for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. And during the three-week world celebration of sport, a lucky few will get to live like royalty…literaly.


Queen Elizabeth II announced recently that during the Games, the Royal Family would be renting out space at St. James’s Palace to select companies with long-standing ties to the royal family. This marks the first time commoners will state at the state apartments.


St. James was built between 1531 and 1536 and served as the primary residence to the crown for more than 300 years. In 1837, Queen Victoria moved from St. James to Buckingham Palace where the royal family still resides today.


There’s no word just yet on how much a night’s stay will cost, but it’s sure to be a pretty penny.


Source: ABC News

Flickr photo credit: siegertmarc

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