Even royalty can’t turn down a bargain flight


It appears the honeymoon is over for Prince William and Kate Middleton. Just a few months after their lavish and ridiculously expensive honeymoon stay at Seychelles, the couple was spotted flying aboard budget airline flybe on a return trip from cousin Zara Phillips’ weekend wedding.


During the hour-long trip, the royal couple sat amongst common folk (the airline doesn’t offer a first class) and even shuffled through security lines with fellow passengers.  The reported cost of each of the cheap airline tickets? A stingy $62.


Not to be outdone, William’s brother Prince Harry reportedly plucked down just $36 on his easyJet flight back to London. In this tough economy it’s good to see the royals tightening their belts…their expensive, fashionable belts.


Source:  AOL Travel

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