The Brooklyn Bridge puts on a show at sunset (CC Flickr photo credit: yaaaay)
The Brooklyn Bridge puts on a show at sunset


After the Christmas trees are gone, something sweet fills the air of New York City’s streets: the preparation for Valentine’s Day in the Big Apple. There might not be many fancy lights or pink decorations, but there are plenty of romantic activities to make movie-like moments in the city that never sleeps.

While the city may not be a “city of love” in the fashions of Paris or Venice, those boarding Valentine’s Day flights to New York City will find dozens of opportunities to create romantic and unforgettable moments.

The View NYC: New York City is well known for its infamous skyline and boasts a number of places to capture a good view of a busy city. Yet, imagine being in the middle of it all with a good cocktail in hand and a view that surrounds you with everything the city has to offer…This is possible at The View Lounge at the New York Marriott Marquis.

Take your lover to the top of this lovely hotel for a view worth the price of a minimum drink. The drinks are savory, the view is spectacular, and the moment is priceless when you realize the floor gently moves providing you with a 360 degree view over the span of an hour. Toast to a wonderful relationship, a nice view and feeling on top of the world, together.

Walk over Brooklyn Bridge before Sunset: Many New Yorkers say walking over the Brooklyn Bridge is a typical New York thing to do, but many haven’t even done so themselves! Nonetheless, it’s a sweet experience to take your loved one on a healthy walk over the bridge. Enjoy taking windy snapshots halfway through as you get close to one another to beat the February winds. You won’t know what is nicer- the views or the wind-in-your-hair pictures.

The romance doesn’t end at the conclusion of the walk; instead, follow the path towards the Brooklyn Promenade. Find yourselves here at sunset and you’ll get spectacular moments where the dimming sunlight glistens against the East River. Hint: This is a great place to propose if you’re considering; nothing like the view of the bridge and the city skyline to ask someone to marry them!

Picnic at Harlem Meer: Everyone knows there is something romantic about a stroll through Central Park. One particularly overlooked area is at the uptown end at Harlem Meer. While other couples will fight over a spot at the nearby Conservatory Garden, consider a simple, peaceful picnic at the Harlem Meer. This man-made lake is a quiet retreat for those who want to enjoy each other’s presence in addition to a lovely view.

Dinner at City Lobster and Steakhouse: In a city known for its culinary outlets, it may be difficult to choose the perfect place to have a romantic dinner. If you happen to be a fan of seafood or steak, The City Lobster and Steakhouse may be the perfect balance of culinary bliss. Located towards the end of Times Square, everyone recognizes this restaurant by the large see-through windows hosting couples that seem to always be toasting to something. A candle-lit dimmed ambiance sets the scene for subdued romance in such a busy city. After all, what’s cuter than watching your lover try to eat an entire lobster without making a mess?

M&M’s Store in Times Square: What’s more romantic on Valentine’s Day than chocolate? If you want a unique spin on giving your lover chocolate this year, consider a sweet time at the M&M’s store in Times Square. The idea may seem childish, but you’ll enjoy childish moments together like kids in a candy store- literally.

Check out the second floor where you can design your own candy bag with almost every flavor of M&M’s from Dark Chocolate Raspberry to the Hot Pink and White Valentine’s Day Variety. Or, learn about each other’s personality with the M&M analyzer, which will tell you which M&M you are and something about yourself.h M&M you are and something about yourself.

CC Flickr photo credit: yaaay


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