Rock the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. Photo Credit Katie Bodell
My favorite concert venue in Las Vegas, hands down, is the Boulevard Pool at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.
Throughout the casino and lounge area of the Cosmopolitan, you can often find free music events, including up-to-date jazz or swing music at the Chandelier, or DJs pumping out your favorite dance music at Bond. Live ticketed music is featured nearly every night during the summer months in the Cosmopolitan’s concert spaces: The Chelsea Ballroom and the Boulevard Pool.     
Located in a large indoor space, the Chelsea Ballroom is the largest concert venue in the hotel. Many of the bigger names that come to the Cosmopolitan utilize this venue, especially in the slightly chillier winter months when folks want to head indoors. As utilitarian as it is to have a large indoor space, this isn’t my favorite venue. There are plenty of restrooms, lots of bars to grab drinks at, but nearly the entire floor is flat, offering pretty poor views for anyone other than the VIPs who pay extra to get an early entrance ticket to the show. The sound quality is really good, but be prepared for lots of packed people and a sweaty evening.
Despite my lackluster recommendation of the Chelsea, I whole heartedly suggest you buy tickets to every single event at the Boulevard Pool venue.  As the name may suggest, the concerts take place outdoors and on top of a half drained outdoor pool. The setting is pure magic: the blend of the night sky, palm trees, pumping music, quality drinks, and the Vegas strip bustling below is truly amazing. You can choose to rock and groove up close to the band. Or, you can sit back, put your feet in the cool water remnants of the pool, and relax the evening away watching close up solos on the big screen while you sip your favorite drink (for me, that would be a vodka cranberry!) Summer concert series run nearly every night bringing you the best in music for nearly every type of music lover. No matter what your style, cheap flights to Las Vegas can help you get your rock on.
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Photo Credit: Katie Bodell

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