Carnival dancer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Will Rio's wild ways become something of the past?


A PG rated Rio de Janeiro? Say it isn't so! According to reports the "World's Greatest Party", Carnival, has seen its rowdy atmosphere curbed a bit since starting last Friday. The mayor of Rio enforced a zero tolerance policy one year ago.


Why the sudden change of heart by Rio? It might have something (or a lot) to do with that city winning the bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.


Such activities as urinating in public and all day football on the beach have become "no-nos" under the new rules. Police are enforcing the party town in order to clean up its act way before the world turns it attention to the usually wild South American city.


But while some locals are liking the new laid back Rio, most tourists do not want change to come to their hedonistic vacation spot.


Are you for a new, family friendly Rio or do you want it to stay put as the place to see more thongs than a Victoria's Secret runway show? Leave your comments below.


Source: Associated Press


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