This. Here. Is. REAL. For two days in late October, the charming Philadelphia neighborhood of Chestnut Hill is set to magically transform itself into a Harry Potter wonderland for kids (and adults) still trying to get over the disappointment of not receiving their Hogwarts acceptance letter this past summer.


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Are you freaking out yet? Because we are.

Since 2010, Chestnut Hill has devoted itself to recreating the magical world of Harry Potter for fans of all ages with its wildly popular Harry Potter Festival. And this year takes the cake. The Cauldron Cake, if you will. Complete with a Butterbeer pub crawl, a passionate Quidditch championship, a Harry Potter conference, the chance to be sorted by the Sorting Hat, meet-and-greets with character look-a-likes, a place to practice your wand skills (the Room of Requirement?) and much, much more.

Though most of the events are free, like the Harry Potter conference, the Quidditch tournament and a ride on the Knight Bus, some events require a couple of Galleons to participate, like the Butterbeer Pub Crawl (the tickets for which go on sale September 28th, so mark your calendars!).

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Perhaps the best part of the entire weekend is the transformation of the city’s SEPTA metro system into the Hogwarts Express train. We’ll just drive, though.

And the fact that an entire 6-block radius will be pedestrian only and will be set up to resemble the wizarding village of Hogsmeade.

So dust off your robes, straighten your hat and get ready to Apparate to the weekend of your dreams!

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