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Free Yourself with a Shopping Spree!


With so much to do in New York City, one can easily burn out. Whether you’re worried about not seeing every sight or rush hour traffic, one thing you won’t need to worry about is shopping. It’s almost a therapeutic habit for New Yorkers with a variety of stores and late hours. You don’t need a reason to go shopping; even window shopping at these stores can fulfill the need.

Lush Cosmetics: Just passing by the Lush store can create an instantaneous relaxed feeling. Lush Cosmetics features fresh handmade cosmetics from face washes to bath bombs and everything in between. The staff here surely knows what the best products and are often correct on their recommendations. Make sure to play with the soaps to get your hands squeaky clean and smelling fresh.

Century 21: If you’ve been to Century 21 during the weekend, you’ll know the experience is anything but relaxing. You’ll also know this is the top place to visit if you’re looking for designer threads at a bargain prices. Featuring over four floors of men’s and women’s clothing and other home and beauty necessities, knowing you’re saving so much money is relaxing in itself. Try to visit the store early on a weekday to beat the crowds. Now you know why New Yorkers are so well dressed!

Sephora: Remember the days when you played dress up in your mom’s clothes, or for guys- putting on shaving cream to imitate dad? You can have a similar experience at Sephora, which specializes in high-end beauty products. Take your time and have one of their experts give you a complete makeover and explain what works best with your skin. Not sure what kind of cologne you like? The experts will help you understand the tones of a scent and which will make you irresistible to women.

Dylan’s Candy Bar: Oh there is nothing like being a kid in a candy store, literally. Except, you can now be an adult in the candy store. Feel free to lose your free will at Dylan’s Candy Shop, where you can find every sweet treat your heart desires. Fill your goodie bag with every flavor of gummie bears (Even pina colada!), M&M’S and more. With candy-inspired music, you’ll feel like you’re in some kind of magical wonderland. The place can get crowded with children, but it’s worth it for the sugary treat.

Namaste Bookshop: If you want to take retail therapy to its literal translation, get your Ohm on at Namaste Bookshop. Located in the hectic neighborhood of Union Square, it’s your slice of Zen in the middle of madness. This quaint store sells spiritual items related to Eastern & Western philosophies. Whatever you believe in, you’ll find it here. Just entering the store gives you seriously good vibes, especially with such a friendly staff who wants to ensure peace in your life.

Of course you can’t shop until you drop until you grab your flight to New York City!

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photo: chelsea_nj

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