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Our survey was conducted between October 16 and 25, 2019 via Microsoft Forms, which was circulated over email. We surveyed 150 U.S. adults and most of our insights came from those who will be shopping Cyber Weekend. 


In a recent CheapOair survey, we asked U.S consumers about their purchasing preferences and shopping plans for the highly anticipated Cyber Weekend 2019. If you’re curious to see what you’re deal-hunting competition looks like, how much shoppers are planning to spend and of course what they’re shopping for this year, check out what we discovered!

Survey Highlights:

  • 67% said they are shopping for themselves
  • 52% said Cyber Monday is the preferred day to shop
  • 35% said they prefer to shop via a mobile device

To Shop or Not to Shop…That Is the Question.

We asked U.S. consumers if they were planning to participate in Cyber Weekend this year and 51% said they plan to shop on at least one of the shopping days. Surprisingly, 35% of the respondents are still deciding on whether they want to take part in the shop-til-you-drop weekend, while 14% said they won’t be shopping at all this Cyber Weekend.

Making a (Shopping) List and Checking It Twice.

No, not to check if you’re being naughty or nice—but to see if shoppers have their shopping carts ready to go! When asked if their Cyber Weekend shopping lists were made yet, only about a third of those surveyed (29%) said they’re ready to shop—list in hand. Almost half (43%) said they don’t have shopping lists at all, while the rest (28%) said: “we’re working on it”.


Cyber Weekend 2019 Motto: Treat-Yourself.

Sorry loved ones—according to our survey, it looks like Cyber Weekend shoppers are leaning into some self-care this year. A whopping 67% of respondents said they’ll be taking advantage of those many deals and discounts to shop for themselves. But don’t worry, there’s still a good amount of consumers (27%) that will be buying for family and friends!

Let’s Talk Budgets.

With Thanksgiving falling a week later than last year, the scramble to purchase holiday gifts is in full swing—and so is figuring out budgets to do so. Whether the purchase is a gift, for yourself, in-store or online setting a budget ahead of time is key to keeping your focus on getting exactly what you want and/or need, without overspending. Of those shopping this year, 55% said their budget range somewhere between $500 and $1000. Coming in second, are the budget-friendly shoppers (31%) with a spending range between $100-$500 and in last place are the big-spenders (14%) who have a budget over $1000.


Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and Thanksgiving Sales… Oh, My!

This year, it looks like Cyber Monday’s popularity might just turn Black Friday blue! When it comes to U.S consumers’ preferred day to shop, respondents favored Cyber Monday over twice as much as Black Friday.  Around 52% of respondents have plans to shop on Cyber Monday, whereas 27% will be shopping throughout Thanksgiving week. And only 21% of the respondents said that they would prefer to shop on Black Friday over any other day.

Digital Shoppers Will Have Their Hands Full…

…After all, you’ll need two hands to hold that smartphone or laptop to catch all the best bargains! Long gone are the days of lining up outside the doors to your favorite stores to score Cyber Weekend discounts. True to their preferred shopping day (see above) shoppers are going truly cyber—voting online shopping as their favorite way to shop. Among the many ways to go deal-digging, 35% of the respondents prefer shopping on a mobile device, while a laptop is a close second at 33%. About a fifth of those surveyed (22%) are still sticking to desktop computers for their shopping, whereas only 10% of the respondents prefer shopping at some good ol’ brick-and-mortar stores.

All Aboard the Search Engine!

When it comes to online shopping, everyone has their own method, so we asked consumers which online platforms they preferred to find their Cyber Weekend deals this year. Our survey revealed a pretty even split between Googler’s (36%; people who rely on Google to find deals), loyalists (34%; those who go directly to their favorite or specific online stores), and, of course, those who are still undecided (30%)


What’s your Cyber Weekend shopping style? Tell us in the comments below!

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