Halloweentown, possibly one of the greatest Disney Channel Original Movies to ever grace our TV screens, obviously was a huge hit with the nineties crowd fresh off our collective disappointment at our lack of acceptance letters to Hogwarts. The 1998 film franchise captured the hearts of many a magic lover with its imaginative look into the life of 13-year old Marnie Piper when she finds out that she’s a witch and discovers the existence of a magical hidden realm: Halloweentown. And, in case you forgot, Halloweentown, was filmed in the real-life town of St. Helens, Oregon.

From January to September and November to December, this is what St. Helens looks like:

Pretty much just as you’d expect a small riverside town in northwest Oregon to look. But every October, the city transforms into a nineties kid’s daydream. That’s right. St. Helens, Oregon becomes… Halloweentown!

Another shot of the giant pumpkin, sitting behind our brand new arch! 🎃 #SpiritofHalloweentown #StHelensOR #giantpumpkin #halloween #october

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Complete with a giant pumpkin, skeleton taxi drivers, and lots of magic, the city spends the entire month of October celebrating all things Halloweentown.

Anyone know where Benny is? Time to break out the taxi because OCTOBER STARTS TOMORROW!!! #StHelensOR #SpiritofHalloweentown #october

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Like, seriously. This town goes ALL OUT.

And next weekend, Halloweentown fanatics will get the thing they’ve always wanted: A chance to meet our favorite Disney Channel witch, Marnie Cromwell-Piper.

Yeah, you read that right. And she’s not just attending the celebrations — she’ll be acting as this year’s Mistress of Ceremonies: Lighting the pumpkin in the town square, hosting cocktail meet-and-greets, and generally bringing the spirit of Halloweentown to St. Helens.

There will be a boozy brunch meet-and-greet (sign us up), cab ride photo ops (please let us come), a costume contest parade (we’re booking our flights now), and that’s all on October 8th – 9th… Not even Halloween! (We told you the town takes October seriously).

But that’s not even all — the celebrations continue all the way ’till Halloween where St. Helens will welcome Anya and Xander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to the town!

Anyone else thinking about moving to Oregon?

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