Regulators may put a ban on in-flight peanut consumption


Federal regulators announced a possible ban on serving peanuts on commercial flights. Advocates state the move would calm fears and prospective harm to an estimated 1.8 million Americans who suffer from allergies to peanuts.


Peanut farmers and food packagers, however, see it as an exaggerated reaction and an unfair to their legume. It’s been 12 years since Congress ordered federal regulators to leave peanuts alone.


However, just last week the U.S Transportation Department gave notice that it’s gathering feedback from allergy sufferers, medical experts, the food industry and the public on whether to forbid or restrict peanuts on-board.


Three options were given in an 84-page document on travelers’ protection. The first: banning peanuts on all planes, second: prohibiting peanuts only when an allergic passenger requests it in advance, third: requiring an undefined “peanut-free zone” flight when a passenger asks for one.


The document also states the concern of how to handle peanut products in-flight.


Source:Associated Press

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