This year families plan to experiment with hiking and alternative types of travel


A majority of families in the U.S.A. don’t plan to allow the recession keep them from their summer holiday plans and will probably spend about $1,000 per person on travel, according to a new poll.


Over half of 2,000 adults questioned in the American Express survey said they would take a family trip, while 26 percent were leaning toward a couples getaway, and 10 percent planned to travel with friends.


“The summer vacation, and particularly, the family vacation is alive and well this year,” said Audrey Hendley of American Express Travel.


“People are passionate about travel, and frequently we find that they would rather find creative ways to reduce the cost of their trip than do without it altogether.”


Even though many families plan to vacation, money is still a consideration. A family of four anticipates spending around $4,000 that figure increases to about $6,400 for families with great incomes.


Almost 90 percent of people plan to stay in the U.S during their vacation. Around six percent of travelers will go to the Caribbean, and five percent will go to Canada while four percent head to Europe.


Eleven percent of those involved in the poll planned “staycation” which means they’ll visit attractions near to home, while seven percent said they were interested in experimental vacations or hiking trips. Only four percent were leaning toward an educational holiday.


People were planning to drive rather than fly in order to limit costs and take shorter trips with less excursions or activities.


Further strategies included using reward points, traveling in off seasons, and staying at budget hotels.


Source: msnbc

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