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Reasons to Visit Beaches in San Jose Del Cabo, Flickr: daisyelaine

The Cabo Beach!


The beaches of San Jose Del Cabo stretch for five beautiful miles along the coast of Baja. The Gulf of California is otherwise known as the biologically rich Sea of Cortez, which fills the gap between the arm of land and mainland Mexico. The salt water Sea of Cortez is so rich and is home to over 350 species of wildlife as well as plant life.
There are several small beaches in the area, from Estuary Beach to La Playita (Little Beach), and not all of them are suitable for swimming because of currents and undertow.
A crop of hotels
Understandably, there have been some major hotel developments along the stretch of sand, leading locals to call this five-mile stretch as “Hotel Beach” and houses several well-known hotels including the Best Western Posada Real, Fiesta Inn and others. Since accessibility to the ocean is key, it helps to have a great hotel near the beach.

Not too crowded

Contrary to what you may think, the beach is not swelling with people despite all the resorts and the access to Cabo. This is especially great for visitors who are averse to a lot of crowds and partying…if you want a relatively peaceful vacation and access to a good beach, pick San Jose Del Cabo.
Chance to Practice Surfing
San Jose Del Cabo is not your party beach, and the same applies to water sports. Don’t expect to find the place dotted by vendors that is typical of larger, popular beaches. Instead, you’ll find people fishing, surfing and enjoying their relaxation time. Towards Punta Palmilla, the surf waves are higher and the beach joins Costa Azul, the famous Blue Coast. This is where you can watch top surfers ride tall waves.
Bird Watching
Estuary Beach is actually ideal for bird watching and just kicking back and having a peaceful time with nature. Since it is a small beach (where the fresh water from the San Rio Jose combines with the salt water of the ocean), it is perfect for ornithologists who welcome some peace and quiet.

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photo: daisyelaine

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