Fly Girls are landing on the CW…will you watch?


You knew it was coming eventually – a reality show based around flight attendants. Fly Girls debuts tonight on the CW and it features five Virgin America stewardess jetting around the country doing their normal everyday jobs.


But this not a show about women handing out small packages of peanuts and say "bu-bye" to passengers, instead in the warped world of reality television, it will showcase the VA workers living together in Los Angeles, dealing with difficult passengers and of course partying hard on their layovers in such destinations as Las Vegas, Miami and New York City.


The producers of Fly Girls promise story-lines filled with romance, family and friendships. Will there be a mile-high scene? Probably not, but this junk food television show is hoping to garner some of the same publicity MTV's Jersey Shore did last fall and hope it equals ratings.


Will you tune into Fly Girls tonight on the CW? If you do, feel free to leave your review of the show right here for the world to see.


Source:  Associated Press




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