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Zorbing in Action


One of the best parts about traveling is the different kinds of adventure travel activities that are available that you can’t always do in your hometown. Some of the obvious adventure activities include scuba diving, whitewater rafting, and hiking. However, there are some offbeat activities from around the world that you may not be so familiar with. Today we highlight some of those rare adventure activities and tell you where you can experience them.

Shark diving, Colorado: Yes, shark diving in Denver, Colorado. There might not be ocean waters for hundreds of miles, but that doesn’t stop thrill seekers in Denver, Colorado. To dive with sharks in Denver, you’ll have to go to the downtown Denver Aquarium. Spend a Saturday at the aquarium diving or snorkeling with sharks in their large shark tank. If you’re not quite ready to go shark diving in the ocean, this is a good alternative experience.

Submarining, Aruba: Experiencing a submarine is no longer something you can only do at the movies. While Aruba features a variety of different activities for the adventurist, this isn’t one you want to miss. The Atlantis Submarine Expedition takes visitors deep down into the ocean to see the local marine life up-close. The submarine reaches depths of over 100 feet, putting visitors as close to the natural habitat of marine life that they’ll get without getting wet, you also find  cheap flights to Aruba  easily throughout the year.

Sandboarding, South Africa: Sandboarding has only recently become available to travelers in South Africa. If you like snowboarding and/or wake boarding, than you’ll probably enjoy sandboarding. Half-day and full-day sandboarding trips are available to travelers in the Western Cape, just outside of Cape Town at Atlantis or Silver Sands. Trips include all the equipment and instruction you need for speeding down South Africa’s dunes.

Volcano boarding, Nicaragua: Do you see a theme running here? Maybe you’ve hiked a volcano but you probably haven’t trekked back down by sliding. A few destinations around the world offer volcano boarding including Nicaragua, which has a high concentration of volcanoes. Grab a pair of goggles and a sled and slide your way down Cerro Negro. Make sure to have a good pair of shoes and long sleeves if you don’t want any “volcano burn.”

Zorbing, New Zealand: Zorbing is quickly growing in popularity, not only in New Zealand, but many places around the world. First started in Rotorua, New Zealand, you can now find these downhill courses in many other countries, including the U.S. This may just be the most unique activity on the list, as this involves climbing into what looks like an inflatable globe and riding downhill. Rates for zorbing are usually per ride or for a full-day of rides.

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