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"British Museum," CC Flickr photo credit: Heather Kennedy
The British Museum in London


Art fanatics arriving on flights to London will soon be able to get a first look at some of the rarest known work of Pablo Picasso.


More than 100 never-before-seen Picasso sketches have been donated to London’s British Museum by financier Hamish Parker, according to a recent report in The Mirror.


The collection, which museum officials are referring to as a “visual diary,” is set to go on display sometime in 2012. The rare prints reportedly feature rough sketches of many works that Picasso was trying to keep track of.


Others in the collection appear to be more personal, however. Some feature the artist himself while others depict his lover Marie-Therese Walter.


The complete collection is valued at around $1.6 million, according to the museum.


CC Flickr photo credit: Heather Kennedy

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