Happy World Tourism Day, everyone! Created by the United Nations in 1980, today is supposed to bring awareness to just how important tourism is in the international community. We believe that tourism is so important — getting to see and feel places that are different from our own home is such an integral part of understanding our larger world.

But we are also guilty of sometimes forgetting to do as the locals do on some of our shorter trips — and we’ve done some things we aren’t proud of. We’ve thrown some ‘bows to get a good Mona Lisa shot, we’ve worn comfortable tennis shoes around fashionable Milan, we’ve eaten at restaurants that are definitely tourist traps… The list goes on. But for every cringeworthy moment we’ve had abroad, we’ve also had some pretty great things happen, too. We’ve been invited to a secret pop-up restaurant in London, we’ve been thrown a birthday party by absolute strangers in Taipei, we’ve met friends that have lasted for hours, days, years.

So in honor of our most embarrassing moments (and our greatest ones), we’ve made a quiz to determine the kind of tourist you are — are you a local’s best friend or a commuter’s worst nightmare? Take our quiz to find out!

What did you get? Let us know in the comments!

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