This Saturday, August 13th, is Alfred Hitchcock’s birthday. The legendary director, known as “the master of suspense,” died over 30 years ago but his films and body of work continue to thrill and frighten us to this day. Travel plays a large part in most Hitchcock thrillers. Janet Leigh is on a road trip (with $40,000 stolen from her employer) when she pulls into the Bates Motel in Psycho, as is Tippi Hedren (minus the stolen cash) in The Birds. The eponymous lady of The Lady Vanishes disappears during a cross-continental trip. And the murder plot in Strangers on a Train is devised…you guessed it: on a train. And all that traveling in Hitchcock films (quite a bit of it done by people racing against time to get across America or Europe) tended to end up in some famous places. From the Statue of Liberty to Royal Albert Hall, Hitchcock seemed to have loved including landmarks and well-known locales in his movies.

So in honor of his birthday, we’ve put together a little quiz featuring some prominent places used in the films of Alfred Hitchcock. See if you can match them with their corresponding films.

Did we not mention one of your favorite locations in a Hitchcock movie? Leave the destination and the name of the film in the comments section below!

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