Qatari diplomat causes panic on United flight


A United Airways plane from Washington DC to Denver was disrupted Wednesday night when a Qatari diplomat decided he needed a cigarette break mid-flight. When Mohammed al-Madadi was confronted about smoking in the bathroom he apparently made a joke about lighting his shoes on fire. Yeah not exactly the smartest thing to do or say during such sensitive times in air travel.


Since the failed Christmas day bombing last December, in which a man tried to blow up a plane with a bombin his underwear, airline security has been tight. Madadi later explained that he was trying to put out the smoke on the bottom of his shoe when being questioned by the airline staff. No explosives were found on the plane and Madadi will not face any charges for his beyond idiotic actions.


What do you think of a diplomat getting a pass on something that would land most people behind bars? Do you think it was an abuse of power on Madadi's part to do something he knew was illegal on-board a plane? Leave your comments and express your feelings on this news story.


Source:  Washington Post


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  1. BN

    @Judge Roy Bean: I absolutely agree on billing Qatar for the stupidity of their diplomat – they’re rich and we need the money anyway.

    Obviously, the "diplomat" is not professional enough to understand the concept of respecting a country’s local laws and customs – just as any country in the Middle East would expect foreigners to do the same.

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