Will the Apple iPad become the next form of entertainment on airlines? (Image: Wikimedia) Still a little reluctant about forking over a few hundred dollars for the new Apple iPad? Then how about testing it out for a few hours on your next flight?


That's because starting later this month Australian budget carrier Jetstar, the budget carrier of Qantas Airways, will start renting out the hot new tech toy to people that fly with them for about 10 Aussie dollars ($8.30 USD) per flight.


The iPad will only be available on domestic flights right now with the airline planning to expand to international flights by the end of 2010. 


While on-board, passengers will be able to watch preloaded movies, music videos and TV shows as well as read e-books and play games. However if you were planning to surf in the sky, that is not going to happen as Jetstar prohibits internet connectivity in-flight. 


Would you rent an iPad on your next flight? Why or why not? Leave a comment below.


Source: The Independent 

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