After coming across oil leaks, Qantas has grounded all of their A380 planes for at least the next 72 hours. Engineers from the airline, Airbus and Rolls Royce found the leaks on three different engines while inspecting the jumbo jet.


Investigators are closer to finding the cause of the mid-air Qantas engine episode from last week which forced an A380 plane to make an emergency landing. While the oil leaks found on the three planes is not enough proof that it caused last week's incident, it is enough for Qantas to leave their super sized fleet in park for now.


The engines have been removed from the planes in question while investigators work on pinpointing the exact cause of the A380 issues.  While those planes are grounded, passengers still need to fly.


Qantas has leased planes from other airlines in order to meet their schedule. Qantas will also compensate any passenger through compensation claims as they attempt to get the A380 up and running.

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