Airline blames engine design for cause of an engine blowout



Qantas Airlines is blaming faulty engine design and/or material failure as the causes of an engine blowout on one of its Airbus A380 superjumbos. The airline confirmed Friday that pieces from the engine had pierced the plane’s wing.


Alan Joyce, CEO of Qantas said it was too soon to say exactly what had caused one of the planes four Rolls-Royce engines to fail shortly after takeoff from Singapore on Thursday and that a detailed investigation was under way.


However, according to Joyce, maintenance, for which the airline is responsible – did not appear to be a significant factor.


The A380 suffered an engine blowout about four minutes after takeoff from Singapore. As a result it shot flames and shredded metal over an Indonesian island but landed safely back in Singapore after emptying its fuel.


Source: msnbc

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