Cubans could be permitted to travel abroad if a key reform is made law


One of 313 reforms currently being debated by the Communist Party Congress in Cuba would allow Cubans to travel abroad for the first time since the Communist Revolution in 1959.


Currently, those wishing to leave the country must file an official exit request. The paperwork involved can cost hundreds of dollars and the request could be denied at any time. As a result, only high-profile Cubans have had a legitimate shot at foreign travel for the past half-century.


However, Cuban president Raul Castro has promised limited free-market reforms since taking control of the country from his brother Fidel in 2009. The two appeared together in a recent Congressional event, signaling that Fidel has endorsed his brother’s reform policies.


Although no official plans to allow travel have been made, that the possibility for reform has been made public is a huge step forward for the Communist nation.    


Source: BBC

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