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If traveling has become one of your latest hobbies, you can easily see that it isn’t always easy. Perhaps you’re one of the many travelers who just can’t seem to get comfortable on a long plane ride to fall asleep. Or maybe you can fall asleep easily like myself, but find yourself cringing in pain with a stiff neck afterwards. Travel pillow are the way to go, but what about combining your fashion sense with a useful product?

What is the HoodiePillow?

Say hello to the HoodiePillow: An inflatable travel neck pillow meets the ever-so-comfy hoodie. No matter where you need comfort, the HoodiePillow is there to support you.

Look Good and Feel Good with the Hoodie Pillow

Since we're smack in the middle of hoodie weather, imagine being able to take that perfect nap before or on your flight? Or maybe you like some quick shut eye on the subway ride to work? The HoodiePillow is designed to supply warmth, comfort and a much needed sleep environment. (Just make sure not to miss your flight or stop!) The design functions as a travel pillow and part of a hoodie; so you can cozy up like a little caterpillar in its cocoon for some much needed “You” time.

How to Use your Hoodie Pillow

The method to using the HoodiePillow is simple and easy. You’ll need to fill up the pillow with air, so get your lungs nice and ready. I was able to fill it up with 3-4 good puffs of air to get a firm pillow. You can adjust how much air you want, depending on how soft or firm you want your pillow.

Then, you just slip on the pillow and your hoodie and you’re good to go! Best of all, when it’s not in use, you simply deflate it and it packs nicely in your bad. Or, you can wear the hoodie by itself to stay warm or shield from rain/snow!


Why we love it

As a traveler, comfort finds its way in difficult places. I can always catch a deep sleep on a long flight, but not without having to pop a few Advil’s after the flight, because of a huge neck strain. I absolutely love my HoodiePillow for reasons beyond travel. I personally use it at home to prop up my head in bed while reading or browsing the web on my smartphone.

The design of the hoodie part of the HoodiePillow is a little bit big; for those who want to cover their eyes while sleeping. I thought this was a design flaw at first, but quickly realized this was a brilliant idea. You can just fold the hoodie back if you don't want to cover your eyes. Or, use the drawstrings to create even more coverage to block everyone away!

The hoodie is made of a sweatshirt like material that feels soft and cozy to the touch. Keep it clean by hand washing it and line drying to retain its best shape.
Travel Tip: Add a few drops of Lavender essential oils to your HoodiePillow before a flight to add to your Zen like experience and to help you sleep.
Best of all, the hoodie comes in many colors: Black, Blue, Red, Gray and the latest color: Pink. I may have to get another one, because pink is my favorite color!

Specs from the site:

  • Great for travel, road trips, neck support and even as a home travel pillow
  • Includes two drawstrings to adjust to head size and level of comfort
  • Use while traveling, reading, watching TV, browsing the Internet, studying, listening to music, napping and sleeping
  • Includes inflatable neck pillow insert that deflates and folds for easy storage
  • PATENT-PENDING and crafted from premium sweatshirt material (80/20 blend)
  • Hand washable
Use the Travel HoodiePillow as a:
  • Travel accessory
  • Inflatable travel neck pillow
  • Airline pillow
  • Car neck pillow
  • Neck support pillow
  • Airplane or car travel accessory
Price: $19.95

 Verdict: We love the HoodiePillow: It is useful, unique, and the perfect companion for any upcoming trip. Especially that one you were thinking about booking on;CheapOair!
Disclosure: I received a complimentary HoodiePillow for the purposes of reviewing this product. All opinions are my own.
Photo credit: HoodiePillow 

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