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Product Review: The Mobile Clean & Go. Photo credit: Mobile Clean & Go. 
I travel frequently, and it isn’t until I leave my house
that I realize exactly how dirty my computer and iPhone screens are. I’m always
embarrassed to be sitting on an airplane or in a conference working with a
completely streaked and dusty screen. Cleaning a screen isn’t as easy as wiping
it down with a shirtsleeve though. Electronic device screens are sensitive, and
cleaning it the wrong way can result in scratches and other damage. It’s also
important that you use a solution specifically designed for electronic screens.
Standard household cleaners may be too harsh.


I recently had a chance to “test drive” the Mobile Clean
& Go. The Mobile Clean & Go is TSA compliant for air travel, and
includes a cleaning solution bottle and a two-sided screen cleaning cloth. The
bottle is about the length and width of a credit card (but thicker), and the
cloth is just about 2 inches wide, so they are great to use while traveling. In
addition, the bottle is designed in a way that it won’t leak – making it very
convenient for travel.

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Using the Mobile Clean & Go is easy. They recommend that
you turn your device off before cleaning. Then, you spray the solution directly
onto the textured side of the cloth, and wipe it on the screen. That helps
prevent drips and potential damage to your device. Then, you can use the
smoother side of the cloth to polish the screen, which will help eliminate any


I’ve used the Mobile Clean & Go a bunch of times, and
have found it to be very effective. The solution and the cleaning cloth combine
to clean my device screens without streaking.  I’ll definitely pack it in my suitcase for my
next trip.

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Disclosure: I received a complimentary sample for review. All opinions are my own. 

Photo credit: Mobile Clean & Go 

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