Product Review: GSI Outdoors Commuter Javapress. Photo credit: GSI Outdoors.
Like so many, my husband starts every single day with a piping hot cup of coffee. Although we’ve tried nearly every method of brewing, from stove top, to traditional brewer, timed brewer, single cup brewers, and more, his all time favorite cup of joe comes straight from an all time classic: the French press. The French press consistently delivers a bold, highly caffeinated, smooth coffee, with very little fuss. It is predictable, easy to use, and completely delicious.
As much as we like our French press, it is a bit difficult for one main reason: it is not at all portable. The glass walls of our press have broken on numerous occasions, and I am not even talking about trying to pack it.
For a great French press cup of coffee while traveling, consider the GSI Outdoors Commuter Javapress.
Although it looks just like your run-of-the-mill coffee travel mug, it is actually a French press brewer that delivers the same great-tasting press brewed coffee you crave, available on the go. Perfect for camping, road trips, and even those early morning red eye flights, the brewer is also the cup saving you a step in having to pack an additional mug. Don’t risk your morning with subpar hotel room coffee brewers, with the Commuter Javapress in hand, you can have your coffee, your way, with ease at your morning meeting, morning hike through the woods, or walk along the beach. Or, even better – you could bring it with you on your next flight! (You know, the one you’ve been thinking about booking on;CheapOair? Now’s your perfect chance.)
Although using the Commuter Javapress is simple, it takes a very steady hand to plunge the inner compartment through your water. After getting the hang of it, we were pros, but we officially scalded ourselves (and our clothes) with some very hot water on the first few attempts.
Be sure to tighten the lid securely after pressing your coffee. This will help keep your coffee piping hot and will prevent it from stubborn drips and leaks while drinking.
Extra Perks:
  • The plastic container is lightweight, hard to break, and BPA free.
  • The double-walled, insulated design with PLUSfoam neoprene sleeve keeps your coffee hot.
Note: I received a complimentary Javapress for this review. All opinions are my own.
Photo credit: GSI Outdoors

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