Practical Tips to Know before Visiting Costa Rica

Coast to Costa Rica!


The small Central American country is a vast complex of treasures, from beaches to jungles to volcanoes. Here are a few practical tips to know before visiting Costa Rica.

Departure Tax: All visitors to Costa Rica must pay a departure tax of $28 USD (this includes both foreigners and Costa Rican nationals).

Sales Tax: Costa Rica’s sales tax is 13 percent, which is much higher than you’re probably used to (compare this to Panama’s which is 7%).

Driver’s License: Visitors don’t need to get an international driver’s license to drive in Costa Rica, and can use their valid licenses for three months. After the three month period, you may be required to get a local license

Getting Married in Costa Rica: As we had previously reported, getting married and going on a “green honeymoon” in Costa Rica is becoming increasingly popular. To get married in the country, be prepared to come with the following authenticated documents:

•    Original Birth Certificate
•    Affidavit of Single Status
•    Police Record
•    Valid Passport
•    Divorce Decree (if applicable)

Rainforest Necessities:
When hiking a Costa Rican rainforest, you may want to bring some good shoes (ones that completely cover your feet and help you stay dry is recommended instead of open-toe shoes), insect repellent, a rain coat with a hood, and some effective sunscreen. Also bring plenty of water with you.

Drinking the Water in Costa Rica: Costa Rican tap water is completely potable in most parts of the country but visitors are encouraged to use bottled water whenever possible, especially on coastal areas.

Costa Rican Currency: Locals use the colón (colones if plural), which is written as ¢ and colloquially referred to as a peso. You’ll see them in several denominations from 1,000 (red note referred to as a rojo); 2,000 (red note referred to as dos rojos); 5,000 (blue note referred to as a tucan) and 10,000 (referred to as jaguar). There are also coins, in denominations of 10, 25, 50 and 100 colones. Visitors are also able to pay with U.S. dollars and major credit cards, and there are several ATM machines throughout the country.

Now that you’ve reached the bottom of this blog post you’re certainly ready to book your flight to Costa Rica!

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