Dust off your robes, fellow Muggles (and Muggles in denial), it’s time to drink butterbeer, make wizard hats and manage some new mischief this July 31st!

GUYS. This July 31st, the world will get to read the official eighth installment of the Harry Potter series: the script of the eagerly anticipated play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

The script, which will be a special rehearsal edition of the play that premieres on London’s West End July 30th, follows the life of Harry’s youngest child, Albus Severus, as he grapples with living in the shadow of his father’s fame.

(That sounds familiar).

Needless to say: We. Are. Stoked.

Like as stoked as when this happened.

We’ve already started plotting out who we’re going to dress up as:

We know, Draco, it’s really hard to make a choice.

We know one thing for sure, though… There will be Butterbeer (and hopefully some Felix Felicis).

So find your acceptance letter

Gather up your squad

And get ready to party like Gryffindor just won the House Cup!

Because come July 31st, there’s only one thing we can say:

In the meantime, take our Harry Potter quiz to find out which destination from the books you were born to explore!

How big of a fan are you? Let us know in the comments!

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