The city of Portland, Oregon is about to become much more pot-friendly

Walk by a certain café in the city of Portland,
Oregon and you might come down
with a serious case of the munchies. That is because as of Friday the 13th,
Stumptown’s adult club Cafe Rumpspankers (catchy name) will now be known as the Cannabis Café.
The new name fits the new theme, as this will in fact be the very first marijuana
café to open in the United States.

Now before you go and cancel your holiday plans to visit Grandma’s house and book a trip to Portland, remember that this is for
certified medical marijuana users only. Despite a federal ban, the Cannabis Café
will be a place to get hold of the drug “legally” and smoke it – but just not in public.

Members of this “high-society” café must bring with them a
medical marijuana card and  fork over $25
each month in order to use its facility. Purchases will not be made here, but
instead “budtenders” will hand out marijuana between 10am and 10pm
each day. Although there will be food served at the pot-friendly hangout, you
must go elsewhere if you plan to have a few adult beverages, as the Cannabis Café
does not serve alcohol.

Source Reuters & picture courtesy of Flickr member StuSeeger

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