Three new Planet Hollywood Hotels have been announced


The Planet Hollywood brand has officially announced plans to re-enter the hotel market.


The brand, best known for its theme restaurants, signed a deal last year with Wyndham Worldwide that allows the hotel giant to franchise and manage Planet Hollywood Hotels.


Locations for the first three properties under the joint venture were announced Thursday. Hotels will be built in Doha, Qatar; Panama City, Panama; and Boao, China.


Wyndham has yet to finalize room designs but said it plans to incorporate Hollywood memorabilia in each of the hotel’s signature guestrooms.


It should be noted that the Planet Hollywood Resort in Las Vegas is operated by Caesars Entertainment and is a separate entity from the new chain planned by Wyndham. 


Source: USA Today

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  1. Erin Smalls

    Good to know that Planet Hollywood is still expanding. Just about as much as the Hollywood hotesl are doing


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