Places to Pop the Question in Paris, Flickr: wlappeIt is the City of Love and lights and quite possibly the most romantic place on earth for many. Paris, the capital of France is where you’ll fall in love with sights, food and the general ambiance of the Parisian lifestyle. It is a beautiful place to propose to a future bride-to-be, granted she says “yes,” of course. With the following places in mind, it’s a full proof plan she will say yes.

On the way to Paris

Whether you’re flying in from another country, or counting Paris as one of your points on a Europe trip with your lover, you may want to consider giving your loved one the surprise of a lifetime. As you’re approaching Paris, no matter what mode of transportation, talk about how romantic it is and what you’d like to do there. It’s the simplest and most surprising way to propose. Best of all- you can celebrate your new engagement in the City of Love!

Pont Des Arts

You’ve just had a romantic dinner in Paris filled with fresh cheese, soft breads and fine wine. You decide to take a romantic stroll around town and find yourself at the Pont Des Arts. On a summer day, it is a lovely place to catch a glorious sunset over the Seine. Tell your love you want to be romantic and place a lock on the bridge, as many lovers do. (Have a lock ready!) Get down on one knee and place the lock on the bridge and grab her hand and get proposing! She’ll be caught off guard thinking you were just placing the lock in a unique place, but instead, she’ll have a moment she’ll never forget.

In a hotel with the Eiffel Tower in the background

The typical place to propose would indeed be the Eiffel Tower, but why not let this grand attraction be part of your proposal. As you check in and share your intimate moment of finally arriving to Paris, tell her to get all dolled up for a romantic dinner in town. Set up your camera or even hire a photographer to play the hotel assistant and take a photograph by the window with the view of the Eiffel Tower. Get down on one knee and let the moment be captured in a priceless photograph.

Chateau de Versailles

The palace and gardens of Versailles seem like the perfect place to get married, but it is also just as romantic for a proposal. Consider distracting her with the idea of being tourists for the day and planning a picnic opposite the Grand Canal. Have her set up the picnic and let her discover that there is only a ring, a bottle of champagne and a man ready to ask his girl to spend the rest of his life with her. (You can also bring food if you’d like to actually have a picnic.)

While Cruising on the River Seine

It’s a lovely way to view Paris- especially at night when the city glows against the water. She’ll think it’s just another evening of sightseeing and whirlwind romance, but you have something up your sleeve. The announcer will talk about how beautiful Paris is and how it is the City of Love, and he’ll direct the spotlight to you where you’ll propose right in front of the Eiffel Tower or any other famous Parisian locations. You can also request playing her favorite song and sharing your first dance as an engaged couple right then and there.

On a Hot Air Balloon Ride

One of the most interesting ways to get around is in the air, but even more so when it is just for two. (Or maybe four for safety reasons.) You’ll travel to the outskirts of Paris to a romantic castle where you’ll board the hot air balloon. Once again, it seems like another romantic gesture where you’ll share a light meal in the air. You’ll have gorgeous 360-degree views of the French countryside and the gleaming sunset. Just when she is speechless, you’ll take her breath away with your romantic proposal.
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photo: wlappe

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