Northwest Airlines plane landing


The two careless Northwest Airlines pilots that flew way past their final destination of Minneapolis last fall will not fight over the voiding of their licenses.

The Federal Aviation Administration said Monday that both men will no longer be flying the friendly skies…for now.

That is because after August 29, both Timothy Cheney and Richard Cole will be eligible for new licenses.

Although it was been rumored both men fell asleep while navigating the NWA plane, both men deny that report and claim they were distracted by work they were doing on their laptops. The pilots told investigators they became distracted as they were working on their laptops.

So of course the million dollar question is, “Will they or wont they renew?” If I were a betting man (and I am), I would go with both men attempting to get back their licenses in order to fly again by the summer’s end. However I do not see them getting them back in 2010.

Source: Associated Press

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