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Photographic Tour of Mexico City, Flickr: anirudhkoul

The Angel of Independence


It’s a city of culture, history and photographic charm; Mexico City is a place where the photographs tell a story of its history. The capital city may be busy and filled with tourists, but a glimpse into its most beautiful places tell enriching stories that help tourists understand this urban Latin American jewel.

Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral: Who knows what you’ll fall in love with first, its gorgeous Gothic style, its impressive bell towers, or the insides of the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral. Built after the Spanish conquered the capital city in Gothic-Spanish style, this cathedral has been of importance for centuries. It was built atop former Aztec sacred ground, important to the indigenous locals. The cathedral was built over a long period of two centuries, occupying almost 200 ft. wide and 400 ft. long. It is awe inspiring and breathtaking, even before you get inside to see the five large altars, 16 chapels and over 150 stain glass windows.

Zócalo: Call it a plaza, the main square, or just the gathering place for Mexicans since Aztec times; Zócalo is a fine example of Mexican ingenious. It was once a place for Aztec ceremonies and now is used for modern events, national celebrations and local protest. It’s best to photograph from above, possibly from a rooftop restaurant. Make sure to capture a photograph of the Mexican flag, right in the middle of the large city square. Or, just enjoy people watching and get a photograph of locals going about their day in Mexico City.

The Angel of Independence: When visiting local tourist attractions, it’s always respectful to visit places that commemorate important points in history. The Angel of Independence, or locally known as the Angel, is a place where Mexicans can peacefully celebrate Independence. It was built to commemorate the beginning of Mexico’s War of Independence, also made into a mausoleum for important war heroes. Atop the large column is the beautiful statue of the Greek goddess of Victory, shining prideful on a sunny day in Mexico City.

Latin American Tower: The view is always better at the top, and this is certainly true for the Latin American Tower, a building with a view in downtown Mexico City. It is recognized as one of the largest skyscrapers in Mexico City, once the tallest until the mid-1980s. It is home to important offices and business, but has a little secret that is modern to date. The top floors were remodeled into an observation deck, unveiling a place for tourists to enjoy the view of the city, day or night from a pristine location.

Ciudadela Crafts Market: Ciudadela Crafts Market Color is apparently in Mexico City, from the bright reds of its spicy peppers to the colorful bold scarves worn by the local women. A true peek into the life of a local in Mexico City begins here. Artisans and Locals sell their crafts and display some of the most interesting pieces. Just the sign itself is colorful and worth a picture, with its mellow yellow and Atlantic Ocean blue colors inviting those to shop. You can not only find lovely photograph opportunities, but even find lots of trinkets and souvenirs to bring home.

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photo:  anirudhkoul

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