PHOTO ESSAY: Doings in Dorset, England, IMG Cred: Sally Hayden

Dorset's Famous Arch!

I recently was invited to spend a few days in the English countryside at one of my friend’s family homes in Dorset.  During our trip, we spent one day visiting Durdle Door on the Dorset Coast, which is designated as a World Heritage Site due to its geologically historic significance providing insights from the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods.


PHOTO ESSAY: Doings in Dorset, England, IMG Cred: Sally Hayden

Durdle Door is quite a famous landmark because of the distinct and intriguing rock arch which was formed by erosion.   Visitors begin at Lulworth cove, and descend on a very steep and winding path, followed by wooden steps down to the sea level.  The entire beach is made up of small stones, which are surprisingly more difficult to walk on than sand.

PHOTO ESSAY: Doings in Dorset, England, IMG Cred: Sally HaydenThough it was just mid-April, my friends and I decided to take a quick dip in the sea.  Almost as soon as the waves touched my lower legs, my feet were so numb I could barely walk back to our towels!   Regardless, it was a beautiful day spent partially in the sun and partially in a small cave in the side of the rock cliffs to shield us from the wind whipping through the cove.

Visitors can find nearby accommodation in the town of Lulworth.  I recommend visiting in the summer months and renting a car because the beauty of the South Western area is best seen by traveling the country roads.




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photos: Sally Hayden

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